Friday, 14 February 2014


The credit of this post goes to a couple I observed a few weeks back having frequent arguments during their entire duration of shopping at a super store with two cute kids with them observing every reaction and response of their parents.
And I said to myself- "How many times do we create an impression about things and situations by looking and idealising just ONE PERSON"

So many people out there lose trust in relationships and the institution of marriage just because they have seen a few couples fighting ignoring the ones who have lived and are living a great life with each other. So many of us lose faith in our superb business ideas just because we have seen a few people fail in business, ignoring those who have become super-successful with the power of their ideas and creative innovations. So many of us leave the hope of finding the right partner just because many others didn't get one and above all, so many of us never try anything new and keep living the monotonous life we always have just because a few others failed while trying something new, once again, ignoring those who dared to go beyond conventions and eventually lived a more fulfilling life. It all happens only and only because we idealise the wrong people in all these aspects.
It zeroes down to a single quality- "Focus". Leaders across the world firmly believe in this superb quality and also in the power of attraction- 'You will attract only what you firmly believe in and focus upon'. So once again I leave the decision in your hands- Focus on the most ideal people in Business, people living those ideal lives and couples portraying a perfect example of that Ideal relationship and you will undoubtedly become a walking example of that yourself.

Aim for Nothing but the Peak!
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