Thursday, 16 January 2014

The Young Future of Leadership

For so many decades, the word "Leadership" has been inherently associated with the word "Corporate". Think about leadership and you think about well dressed, senior businessmen discussing and negotiating with equally smart and well dressed people.
But there is a category of people, some selected individuals who are RE-DEFINING the art of leadership. They have made the world realise that leadership is not just about running billion dollar business and wearing three piece suits. They have redefined leadership by including it in even the smallest scale of work that they do by wearing a pair of casuals and giving it its true meaning- "Giving your absolute best at whatever you do", which is what true leadership is all about. And that category is- "YOUTH".
Many members of the Gen Y took a bold step by starting to 'Convert their Passion into their Profession' which can be considered as a crucial decision towards leading their way to the top. They broke the cliché of just pursuing the conventional way of living and followed their dreams without considering the thoughts of the world as they truly believed in their passion and above all, had the burning desire to excel in the same.
Surely the society up to a good extent deserves the credit for that as it started accepting these unconventional professionals in a more comfortable manner by removing the word "Just" from the sentences- "Oh, he is 'just' a painter", "He is 'just' a guitarist" or "He is 'just' a theatre actor"; which in turn is encouraging more and more people to follow their hearts. But this shift ultimately was initiated only by those young leaders who had the strength to go beyond convention and showed the world the power and importance of these so called "not so famous" professions.
The youth may be considered as irresponsible by some and careless by others, but it gives me immense happiness to see that they are laying the foundation of a new and better society; a society in which people would not be scared to follow their passion, a society where everyone would deserve equal rewards for their profession and above all, a society of the NEXT GENERATION LEADERS...

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