Thursday, 19 December 2013

The Fuel for Success

Our bodies, cars, space shuttles and almost all material and non-material things in the world are driven by one thing- FUEL.
Food is the fuel for the body, petrol for car and hydrogen for the space craft. A lot of philosophers have believed that a good fuel for the mind are good thoughts. True and completely agreed! But what about the fuel for success? Sure "Hard Work" is one of them, but the other one, which can prove to be a very powerful driving force towards Success and Leadership is the fuel called- INSPIRATION.

Many a times, we ignore the importance of the little things happening around us, and later realise that it is the small things that really make the biggest difference. Right from that amateur musician playing on the road to a successful rockstar, and from a beautiful painting to the rising sun, anyone and anything can be a source for inspiration. People are connected to people, and idea to ideas, we are literally having huge sources of inspiration around us, all we need to do is- NOTICE IT!!!

So today, right here, right now- Get inspired, Get going! Get truly inspired by a person, get truly inspired by piece of art or music, get truly inspired by a hobby, get truly inspired by an idea and above all, get truly inspired by your supreme goal in life which should be big enough for you to achieve it in a spectacular manner. There is so much of knowledge and inspiration in the world waiting just for YOU, to utilise it, enhance it and convert it into a powerful ladder to success.

Throughout the day, so many things sub-consciously inspire us and help us to achieve a lot of great goals. Now imagine, what all we can achieve if we start paying even a little attention, to those seemingly unimportant things that we experience every moment.....

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Friday, 22 November 2013

The Imaginary risk before Success

There is a  wonderful quotation I read a few years back which says- "At the end of your life, you will never regret what you did, you will only regret what you didn't do"
Ask any person belonging to any culture, any religion living in any part of the world what he regrets the most and the responses you are most likely to get would include the initiatives NOT TAKEN, the trips NOT MADE, the businesses NOT STARTED and the feelings NOT SHARED with the loved ones. All this narrows down to just one thing- "It was too risky to do". But we forget the reality that at every moment of our life, we are surrounded by situations that are Super-Risky. It is just that- "We do not Realise that Risk"

Want a prove? Here it is- walking on the road, driving a car or even sitting in your home has a certain aspect of risk associated with it. There might be a drunk or novice driver driving next to us or near the pavement we are walking. At home, we are surrounded by electric wires, cables and devices and none of them come with the guarantee of being 100% SECURE. But what makes us comfortable doing all these things is that they have become such an indispensable part of our daily routine that we do not realise the risk involved with it despite of the fact that all these risks involve our most prized possession- OUR LIFE!

So aren't we being unfair to our growth and prosperity by continuously comparing any initiative taken towards it with the percentage of the high or low associated risk. Aren't we being unfair not pursuing that masters' degree which we want to just because the fee is high and the chances of getting a job in return are not that high.  It is human tendency to look at the negative impacts of anything new, but while doing this, we neglect the benefits and the glorious future we can achieve.

The solutions for this- TRUST & DEDICATION! Trust yourself that you are actually good at what you do and what you are about to do and also trust the world because it indeed is a place good enough to give lot of opportunities to people who want to try out something new with a good intention.
Dedication towards your passion combined with adequate knowledge about your field will automatically give you the confidence, power & trust in yourself to cover up any of the so-called risks stopping you from becoming YOUR ABSOLUTE BEST!


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Saturday, 16 November 2013

The Three Key Leadership Questions

Probably the toughest of all questions.
It is good to be successful, but the more successful we become, the more difficult (yet rewarding) it becomes to sustain that success which is equally and extremely important. As leaders, it is important for us to keep challenging ourselves for more, thriving continuously to be excellent and improving more & more at every point in business, life & relationships. Keep on looking for newer and better avenues where you can outshine and take your organization to the next level. Keep on taking new and better initiatives and look for new innovations to harness new opportunities.
Remember- "The day we become SATISFIED with our work will be the day our growth will become SATURATED"

In this competitive market, the people who outshine are the ones who are always doing and offering something new, something better and something more than their competitors. Good readers have an advantage with this- staying updated with the most recent and current research, articles and publications helps us gather knowledge about what is happening around, in which direction is the market going and how well we can innovate to become even better at what we do and deliver improved client services.
Remember- "The only way to beat your competition is to move ahead of them.

The question "What if" is mostly associated with the negatives & failures. What if my new business fails, what if the deal doesn't work out, what if I suffer a loss. But "What if", when properly used can become a good estimate of success & a good profitability factor.
The way I take it, "What if" shouldn't be associated with risk avoidance but with "Calculated risk taking". People with patience have an advantage here. Mortgaging your entire stake for a single project might not be a very good option, but investing slowly and steadily into it, so that you can see the initial growth and then invest further if it is going well, can be a good strategy.
Remember- "There is a huge difference between working towards your passion & taking a calculated risk for it versus Going Crazy for it".

Aim for Nothing but the Peak!
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Thursday, 7 November 2013

The Importance of "Timely Leadership"

A lot of us have gone through this weird but true experience- We leave the house in the morning with a clear sky over our head, ignoring the light clouds little away thinking that the weather is going to be absolutely fine. But within a while, we get completely wet  because suddenly it starts raining heavily, and the culprit, those light clouds far away which just covered the whole sky in an instant. After that experience, many of us have got into the habit of keeping an umbrella almost always when we leave home, some of them carry it mostly when they suspect a bad weather on its way, and well the others- The same as they initially have been.

This applies to every avenue of our life, we ignore small threats and do not take a preventive measures until some damage has been done. A lot of us are even another step forward, we do not take a preventive measure even after a lot of damage has been done. The same unfortunately applies to Corporate Leadership as well. Even in these extremely competitive global markets and going through turbulent times and massive change, organizations are reluctant to train their employees to become leaders and perform at their "Absolute Best At What They Do".
Problem lies in just one thing- "Process of Thinking". Even the most learned, qualified and experienced professionals running massive organizations many a times do not realise the difference between "Expenditure" & "Investment".

For example a lot of companies may "Spend" a good amount of money to revamp their offices to make it "Look good" but wouldn't "Invest" time & money in the improvement of the personality & communication skills of their sales team to make them "Feel good". Without realizing the fact that an organization is much more than a brick & mortar structure, IT IS MADE OF PEOPLE. And communication being the essence of sales and most other branches of business, if your employees become better at communicating and presenting themselves, it is a 100% guarantee that you are going to generate more revenue & profits than you had ever done before. Similarly, organizations initially believe that spending time & resources on the leadership developments of their employees is a huge expenditure and the same time can be utilized in making them do the so called- Real Work! Again making the same mistake & ignoring those organizations who are experiencing massive successes because they focussed on creating a trail of leaders behind. And finally when the competition takes over them, it is too late to start improving and too soon to expect a turn-around.

The only recommendation- START IMPROVING! Improve your leadership skills, your communication skills, your business skills, read more about your area of expertise to become the absolute best at it and motivate your employees & colleagues to do the same. If you find someone needs to improve in an avenue, engage him with someone who is an expert at it. Soon you will find your Bank Account, Heart Account and Wisdom Account elevate to the levels you never expected before and that too much quicker than you thought.

Your Life Your Choices!

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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Aim High Achieve More

Most of us are not aware of a reality, a small secret that we subconsciously experience many a times in our life, but we don't realize it.
It is simple, straight forward, yet extremely powerful the moment we realize its importance. Robin Sharma has rightly quoted- "Never underestimate the power of simplicity"
The secret is- 'Everything in the world is created twice'. Right from the Eiffel tower to the Taj Mahal, from the first car to the supersonic jet, everything is created twice.
Surprised!! Here is the inside story, first it is created in our mind, and then in the real world. Considering this unobserved reality, it is not difficult to conclude that what you think and the way you think is directly correlated to what you create, how you live and above all- What You Become!
You have noticed me mentioning a lot of times on my facebook page that most people do not realize the unlimited potential residing inside them. This "double creation theory" can be considered as a stepping stone to the destiny that we can create with our thoughts. Our success & failures, productivity & lethargy, all depend on our mind and thoughts. And the same mind also controls our actions, our body movements and the things we ultimately CREATE. So that is a direct relation, when you focus your thoughts towards the bigger purposes of your life, towards the biggest aims of your life and make a stern decision to make yourself Super Successful, you are ought to achieve it with the necessary actions in place.
Don't limit yourself just because "everyone" says so. Don't think or act small just because "everyone" thinks so. And certainly don't resign to mediocrity just because "everyone" does that. Enhance and experience the power of aiming high and dreaming big to achieve more. Motivate yourself and others to go beyond conventions and AIM FOR NOTHING BUT THE PEAK!

Monday, 28 October 2013

Scared to Succeed


Never in the history of mankind has it been so easy to succeed as it is now. All you have to do is do what others are not. But most of us are still not aiming that high, the reason- WE ARE SCARED. It might sound a bit impractical and unconventional, but we indeed are scared of being successful.

Because being successful means you are alone, you are leaving the crowd, you are standing ahead of them; you’ll have to lead them. You’ll be responsible for your own actions which many people don’t want to be. You cannot blame anyone if things go wrong, and how many of us are ready to take that risk- “Hardly any”. The kind of society that we live in, we always have that attraction towards our comfort zone, we always buy other people’s fears. We all have big dreams, big aspirations, big ambitions but after we start interacting with people, listening their stories and limitations, we tend to accept them as our own ultimately to limit ourselves of the true potential that we hold. We strongly believe that we cannot become super successful just because others are not. LEADERS ARE ABOVE ALL THAT, they never allow any limitation to impact their journey towards success and certainly do not buy other people’s fears. Getting back to your comfort zone and resign to mediocrity is easy, that is why many people practice it.

Psychology plays a very important role in this. Looking at a company’s organisational structure, you might notice that there are many executive level employees, little less senior executives, even lesser number of managers and senior managers, handful number of directors and JUST ONE- CEO. As the position goes up, the number of people reduce, that is, you are alone, you have less people to share things with, less people to blame and that’s the reason why most people get scared- “Whom should we share our problems with?” and there are others who think- "If something happens, the blame would be on me". As a junior level employee, there are many people with and around with whom lot can be shared & done. Anything whether good or bad is being appreciated or depreciated as a team; that is, you are not held responsible alone and most people are happy with that because they didn't face anything alone. That is their comfort zone and they resign to it.
But leaders take the other way round; they assess the problems and sort it out. They do take opinions and recommendations, but in the hope of real solutions and not sympathy. Guys now the choice is yours, everything that can make you super successful actually lies out of your comfort zone, so it is up to you, to stay inside it and become super successful or resign to mediocrity. The choice is yours, get scared of taking responsibility and be like others, or face the responsibility and be ahead of them, the choice is yours- Executive officer or CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER!!!!!