Saturday, 16 November 2013

The Three Key Leadership Questions

Probably the toughest of all questions.
It is good to be successful, but the more successful we become, the more difficult (yet rewarding) it becomes to sustain that success which is equally and extremely important. As leaders, it is important for us to keep challenging ourselves for more, thriving continuously to be excellent and improving more & more at every point in business, life & relationships. Keep on looking for newer and better avenues where you can outshine and take your organization to the next level. Keep on taking new and better initiatives and look for new innovations to harness new opportunities.
Remember- "The day we become SATISFIED with our work will be the day our growth will become SATURATED"

In this competitive market, the people who outshine are the ones who are always doing and offering something new, something better and something more than their competitors. Good readers have an advantage with this- staying updated with the most recent and current research, articles and publications helps us gather knowledge about what is happening around, in which direction is the market going and how well we can innovate to become even better at what we do and deliver improved client services.
Remember- "The only way to beat your competition is to move ahead of them.

The question "What if" is mostly associated with the negatives & failures. What if my new business fails, what if the deal doesn't work out, what if I suffer a loss. But "What if", when properly used can become a good estimate of success & a good profitability factor.
The way I take it, "What if" shouldn't be associated with risk avoidance but with "Calculated risk taking". People with patience have an advantage here. Mortgaging your entire stake for a single project might not be a very good option, but investing slowly and steadily into it, so that you can see the initial growth and then invest further if it is going well, can be a good strategy.
Remember- "There is a huge difference between working towards your passion & taking a calculated risk for it versus Going Crazy for it".

Aim for Nothing but the Peak!
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