Thursday, 7 November 2013

The Importance of "Timely Leadership"

A lot of us have gone through this weird but true experience- We leave the house in the morning with a clear sky over our head, ignoring the light clouds little away thinking that the weather is going to be absolutely fine. But within a while, we get completely wet  because suddenly it starts raining heavily, and the culprit, those light clouds far away which just covered the whole sky in an instant. After that experience, many of us have got into the habit of keeping an umbrella almost always when we leave home, some of them carry it mostly when they suspect a bad weather on its way, and well the others- The same as they initially have been.

This applies to every avenue of our life, we ignore small threats and do not take a preventive measures until some damage has been done. A lot of us are even another step forward, we do not take a preventive measure even after a lot of damage has been done. The same unfortunately applies to Corporate Leadership as well. Even in these extremely competitive global markets and going through turbulent times and massive change, organizations are reluctant to train their employees to become leaders and perform at their "Absolute Best At What They Do".
Problem lies in just one thing- "Process of Thinking". Even the most learned, qualified and experienced professionals running massive organizations many a times do not realise the difference between "Expenditure" & "Investment".

For example a lot of companies may "Spend" a good amount of money to revamp their offices to make it "Look good" but wouldn't "Invest" time & money in the improvement of the personality & communication skills of their sales team to make them "Feel good". Without realizing the fact that an organization is much more than a brick & mortar structure, IT IS MADE OF PEOPLE. And communication being the essence of sales and most other branches of business, if your employees become better at communicating and presenting themselves, it is a 100% guarantee that you are going to generate more revenue & profits than you had ever done before. Similarly, organizations initially believe that spending time & resources on the leadership developments of their employees is a huge expenditure and the same time can be utilized in making them do the so called- Real Work! Again making the same mistake & ignoring those organizations who are experiencing massive successes because they focussed on creating a trail of leaders behind. And finally when the competition takes over them, it is too late to start improving and too soon to expect a turn-around.

The only recommendation- START IMPROVING! Improve your leadership skills, your communication skills, your business skills, read more about your area of expertise to become the absolute best at it and motivate your employees & colleagues to do the same. If you find someone needs to improve in an avenue, engage him with someone who is an expert at it. Soon you will find your Bank Account, Heart Account and Wisdom Account elevate to the levels you never expected before and that too much quicker than you thought.

Your Life Your Choices!

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