Friday, 22 November 2013

The Imaginary risk before Success

There is a  wonderful quotation I read a few years back which says- "At the end of your life, you will never regret what you did, you will only regret what you didn't do"
Ask any person belonging to any culture, any religion living in any part of the world what he regrets the most and the responses you are most likely to get would include the initiatives NOT TAKEN, the trips NOT MADE, the businesses NOT STARTED and the feelings NOT SHARED with the loved ones. All this narrows down to just one thing- "It was too risky to do". But we forget the reality that at every moment of our life, we are surrounded by situations that are Super-Risky. It is just that- "We do not Realise that Risk"

Want a prove? Here it is- walking on the road, driving a car or even sitting in your home has a certain aspect of risk associated with it. There might be a drunk or novice driver driving next to us or near the pavement we are walking. At home, we are surrounded by electric wires, cables and devices and none of them come with the guarantee of being 100% SECURE. But what makes us comfortable doing all these things is that they have become such an indispensable part of our daily routine that we do not realise the risk involved with it despite of the fact that all these risks involve our most prized possession- OUR LIFE!

So aren't we being unfair to our growth and prosperity by continuously comparing any initiative taken towards it with the percentage of the high or low associated risk. Aren't we being unfair not pursuing that masters' degree which we want to just because the fee is high and the chances of getting a job in return are not that high.  It is human tendency to look at the negative impacts of anything new, but while doing this, we neglect the benefits and the glorious future we can achieve.

The solutions for this- TRUST & DEDICATION! Trust yourself that you are actually good at what you do and what you are about to do and also trust the world because it indeed is a place good enough to give lot of opportunities to people who want to try out something new with a good intention.
Dedication towards your passion combined with adequate knowledge about your field will automatically give you the confidence, power & trust in yourself to cover up any of the so-called risks stopping you from becoming YOUR ABSOLUTE BEST!


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