Thursday, 19 December 2013

The Fuel for Success

Our bodies, cars, space shuttles and almost all material and non-material things in the world are driven by one thing- FUEL.
Food is the fuel for the body, petrol for car and hydrogen for the space craft. A lot of philosophers have believed that a good fuel for the mind are good thoughts. True and completely agreed! But what about the fuel for success? Sure "Hard Work" is one of them, but the other one, which can prove to be a very powerful driving force towards Success and Leadership is the fuel called- INSPIRATION.

Many a times, we ignore the importance of the little things happening around us, and later realise that it is the small things that really make the biggest difference. Right from that amateur musician playing on the road to a successful rockstar, and from a beautiful painting to the rising sun, anyone and anything can be a source for inspiration. People are connected to people, and idea to ideas, we are literally having huge sources of inspiration around us, all we need to do is- NOTICE IT!!!

So today, right here, right now- Get inspired, Get going! Get truly inspired by a person, get truly inspired by piece of art or music, get truly inspired by a hobby, get truly inspired by an idea and above all, get truly inspired by your supreme goal in life which should be big enough for you to achieve it in a spectacular manner. There is so much of knowledge and inspiration in the world waiting just for YOU, to utilise it, enhance it and convert it into a powerful ladder to success.

Throughout the day, so many things sub-consciously inspire us and help us to achieve a lot of great goals. Now imagine, what all we can achieve if we start paying even a little attention, to those seemingly unimportant things that we experience every moment.....

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