Thursday, 20 March 2014


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A very talented poet, who mostly wrote about beauty was once asked the secret of the perfection he portrayed in his writings:
"There is no secret" he said, "I am just like any other person blessed with this extraordinary gift of writing; like we all are blessed with some or the other gift. The only open secret I can share is INSPIRATION. I listen music from different parts of the world and songs in the languages which I don't even have a clue of. Right from Arabic, Baloch, Pashto to my favourite- Turkish (The faint sound of the song "Boş Bardak" by Fettah Can could be heard in the background). It makes me feel lost in the inner joy which resides in the heart of every human being and helps me bring a sense of divinity, purity and depth in whatever I write."
It is natural for us to think that such wonderful lines might be a result of a lot of hard work and burning the mid night oil for many hours, but the perfectionist poet has a different opinion towards it. "Frankly speaking it does not take that much time for me to actually write a poem" he says. "Yes it takes a lot of time to 'think' about it but that thinking is effortless. My qualities of being a keen observant and living in the moment allow anything and everything to inspire me and I just need to incorporate these in my poetry. Even the thought of writing something fills positive energy within me, so much so, that I sometimes even wake up early morning with excitement to perform some lovely experiments with beautiful words.
He continues- "There is so much, honestly, so much inspiration in the world in the form of good music, good poetry, good literature and even scenic natural beauty, that it has the ability to take us places both with respect to our imagination, our creation and in our personal as well as professional lives. And as per my own personal experiences- 'The music you listen to doesn't necessarily has to be in the language you know'. Music is beyond the barriers of language and any piece of beautiful music inspires me to see the world around even more beautifully. It also sub-consciously inspires me to write more & more wonderful pieces of poetry"
On being asked what he himself thinks about his quality of being a superb writer & poet and also about all the appreciation he receives from the people who read his work or from those who are actually the subjects of his writings, the  Perfectionist Poet smiled and  humbly replied- "It is less about my skill and more about the beautiful creations of God for whom I write because- Every beautiful piece of  poetry has an even more beautiful inspiration behind it"....
Aim for Nothing but the Peak!
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